Proposal on new European qualifying examination (EQE)

13. Mai 2022

A working group with members from the European Patent Office
(EPO) and the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European
Patent Office (epi) has jointly developed a new
proposal for the European qualifying examination (EQE).

Building on the strengths of the existing EQE, the new
examination will consist of six modules that test candidates‘ factual and
procedural knowledge of patent law, as well as their ability to apply it
strategically. The complexity of the subject matter and time pressure on
candidates increases with each module of the examination. These competences
will be evaluated in a digital environment that reflects how patent attorneys
work today.

marks the first phase in a full public consultation on the new EQE that will be
launched later this month. The consultation will cover this concept paper, as
well as details of the proposed modules and the core competences tested. After
registration, you will also have the opportunity to experience the new online
EQE environment and consult sample papers. Drawing on input from the
consultation, we will enrich and finalise the concept.