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Lithuanian e-filing becomes first national patent application to be made using new Front Office software

13 October

On 13th October
2021, a Lithuanian patent application became the first national filing to be
made using new Front Office e-filing software. This is the result of intense
collaboration between the EPO and several national patent offices including
Lithuania, Spain and Greece, as part of the EPO’s IT Co-operation Programme.

The initial Front
Office service, launched today, supports the filing of national patent
applications at a national office. The scope of the service will be
incrementally extended to cover the filing of various requests and replies, EP
validations, etc. The service will be hosted on each National Office’s own infrastructure
and will be adapted to that office’s specific requirements.

implementation work is underway at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office
(OEPM) where the shared aim is to release a first version of a functioning tool
in the coming months. The Hellenic Industrial Property Organisation (OBI) will
be the third office to benefit from the development of the new Front Office service.
Front Office will eventually be able to support the patent offices of EPO member
states with an up-to-date system that replaces the legacy filing system dating
from 1999.

The IT
Cooperation Programme was launched under the EPO Strategic Plan 2023 and aims to
equip EPO member states with modern IT tools that are co-created by a community
of national experts, end users and international partners.