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EPO and City of Munich nurture future leaders and innovators at global summit

The EPO and the City of Munich engaged with
future leaders and entrepreneurs at the One Young World Summit from 22 – 25
July, where delegates attended a series of speeches, panels, networking events
and workshops. As part of the event, the Office held an interactive workshop to
introduce young innovators to the patent system and highlight its role in
driving progress, creating jobs, and supporting the economy. In addition to the
breakout session, the EPO hosted a digital exhibition booth to promote topics such
as the Young Inventors prize, EPO Data Hub app, and Espacenet.

the workshop opening, Steve
Rowan spoke about the importance of young people in tackling challenges, saying
The EPO wants to support sustainability driven initiatives and
at the same time inspire an interest in science and innovation among younger
VP4 Nellie
Simon added „One of the main reasons we’re here today is that we
want to understand the younger generation and learn what motivates or interests
them – the summit is an ideal platform for this type of exchange

Two former European Inventor Award
finalists, Esben Beck (Norway) and Carmen Hijosa (Spain), were invited to share
their success stories with young delegates and explain the role of patents in
growing a business. The event drew to a close
following a session in which participants reconstructed the inventive process,
looking at prior art searches, patentability, obviousness and related themes.

The event is one of several EPO
outreach activities aimed at a younger audience and follows the recent
establishment of the Young Inventors prize under the European Inventor Award.
As Munich was the host for the 2021 edition, the summit provided an opportunity for the Office
to reaffirm its commitment to the city.

One Young World is a non-profit
organisation founded in 2009. Its annual summit draws delegates from over 190
countries and encourages them to work together in solving pressing issues. The
delegates, aged between 18 and 30, come from various sectors and throughout the
event they are counselled by influential political, business and humanitarian
leaders. Following the summit, the delegates become One Young World Ambassadors
and return to their local communities or organisations, equipped with the
knowledge and network to help them drive initiatives that can make a
difference. In addition to the annual gathering, a programme of activities
including caucuses, funding, peer-to-peer mentoring, media exposure, and
speaking engagements runs throughout the year.

According to the impact report
published by One Young World, in 2020, Ambassador led projects generated over
EUR 200 million in social value, directly impacted 4.4 million people, and
helped mitigate 190 000 tonnes of carbon emissions.