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The EPO has recently launched on 13 October the pilot for the
new Cooperation Search system, which will be used by over 100 examiners in 8 national
offices over an initial period of six months. The pilot national offices of
member states include the UK, France, Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland,
Spain, Denmark and Austria, with other offices either testing or intending to
join later.

The tool is closely based on the EPO’s modern ANSERA search system,
in use since 2016, and aims to eventually replace the current EPOQUENET system used
by member states since 1991.

The system will be hosted on the Cloud to enable
scalability, and in order to offer users the latest advanced search technology
available. The pilot will exclusively use data available to the public and is
not expected to replace EPOQUENET in formal processes for some time.

It nevertheless represents a very significant step forward
in terms of modernisation for patent office examiners.

The IT Cooperation Programme was launched under the EPO
Strategic Plan 2023 and aims at equipping the member states of the EPO with
modern IT tools that are co-created by a community of national experts, end
users and international partners.